Residents of the Chechen Republic, wishing to establish or develop their business in the territory of the Chechen Republic, age from 18 to 60 years.
In order to apply, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents and come to our office at the address: 364000 Chechen Republic, Grozny, Kadyrov Avenue 3/25, floor 13, section 3.4.
Yes, you can apply for another idea in case the first idea was rejected.
No, we do not offer business ideas, but we hold consultations on sectors, however, the applicant is entirely responsible for the idea presented for consideration.
In addition, we conduct training "Basics of Entrepreneurship and choice of ideas for creating a business", the main task of which is to help an entrepreneur choose the most acceptable and viable business idea.
We provide the following types of support:
  • conducting trainings on the basics of entrepreneurial activity and the choice of ideas for creating a business, business planning, the basics of financial management and marketing.
  • business consulting;
  • funding;
  • monitoring and tracking of funded projects;
  • technical support and guidance;
  • participation in the Fund's marketing campaigns and networking;
The Fund does not finance the following industries:
  • personnel, consulting and management services, R & D;
  • marketing, publishing, media;
  • finance, leasing, insurance and other brokerage services;
  • health services and salon business;
  1. The level of education/experience and its relevance for the presented idea;
  2. Enthusiasm and the amount of time that you are willing to give to your project;
  3. The size of your contribution to the business project and your financial capabilities;
  4. The level of ability of your business team;
  5. Feasibility of the business in terms of market conditions, supply and demand;
  6. Business location;
  7. Any other factor specific to your business.
To assess the business model, profitability model and its feasibility (market, technical and financial aspects of business).
No, the Fund does not provide land.
The maximum size of the allowable loan is determined taking into account the applicant's abilities, financial status, feasibility of the project and the financing program.
No, the applicant can not apply for more than 1 loan, neither alone, nor with anyone.
No, the applicant must independently file an application and personally attend all meetings.
The Fund receives thousands of ideas, many of which are the same. The key point is a business plan and an entrepreneur. In general, the Fund does not disclose the idea to third parties.
No, the selection committee has the authority only to approve ideas for starting the processing process and does not have the authority to approve the issuance of the loan. If the idea was initially approved, it can be rejected at a later stage if the feasibility of the project is not proven or if the applicant does not demonstrate sufficient level of responsibility or can not fulfill the basic requirements.
The Fund does not recommend consulting with consulting companies to prepare a business plan. Our business consultants can provide advice on the development of business case and financial plan in addition to the training course. However, applicants can conduct market research and can consult with various industry experts for further insight depending on the project.
No, the Fund does not have any agreements with consultants. However, as mentioned earlier, business consultants of the Fund can support the development of a business plan in addition to the training program provided for further support in developing a business plan.
A box of complaints and offers is available at the reception in our office.
The Fund offers
  • information and education programs;
  • training programs;
  • counseling sessions;
  • funding programs;
  • Membership Support Program;
  • various programs to promote the culture of entrepreneurship;
  • Skills development;
  • various social activities;
To familiarize yourself with the financing programs, You can here
You can familiarize yourself with the Membership Program of the Fund here.
After verification of documents and approval:
  • with traditional financing and Islamic partner financing, the Fund for the provision of a supplier account transfers the relevant loan amount to the bank account of a legal entity registered by the entrepreneur.
  • at Islamic leasing the Fund acquires the chosen goods from the supplier and sells it to the businessman in installments.
The applicant is not liable for repayment of the loan even in the event of the failure of his business. Under Islamic partner financing, the Fund's experts will conduct an investigation into the unfair behavior of the entrepreneur, cases of negligent attitude towards the project implementation, which will lead to a meeting of the Credit Committee and a decision on the possibility of granting a discount on the loan repayment.
The signing of the loan agreement and the start-up of business should be carried out within 6 months after the approval of the loan.
The business consultant assigned to you will be the curator of your project by the Foundation. At the end of the business start-up phase and the beginning of the operational activity, your project will be transferred to another business consultant who will be responsible for monitoring and supporting your business.
Yes, the collateral is necessary, as regards the details of the collateral, on the pages of the description of the financing programs - link.
The possibility to extend the loan is considered individually and approved by the decision of the Credit Committee.
Islamic financing is based on the principle of distribution of profits and losses, so we (the Fund and the entrepreneur) are partners in the implementation of a business project, assuming a fair division of risks and income from investments. Our share in profits is determined on the basis of a business plan prepared by the entrepreneur, based on the calculation that the expected rate of return on the Fund's investments should be 20% per annum.
Traditional financing is based on a fixed interest rate on the loan - 11% per annum, i.е. the amount of interest paid does not depend on the results of the entrepreneur's activities.
We use a flexible approach to collateralizing the loan, not requiring 100% coverage.
Yes, the schedule of payments is determined on an individual basis, depending on the business plan of the project.
Yes, the availability of a temporary registration in the Chechen Republic is the minimum requirement for the possibility of filing an application.
No, for regular inspections of the subject of pledge, the mandatory requirement of the Fund is to find property in the territory of the Chechen Republic.
Issues of extension and restructuring of the loan are considered individually by the Credit Committee.
When applying for an application by a legal entity, it is not necessary, individuals can also apply. The presence of a registered legal entity is necessary only at the stage of issuing a loan.
Having many years of experience in doing business is not a guarantee that you have chosen the right business idea or have sufficient knowledge to prepare a business plan in accordance with the requirements of the Fund.
Registration of the application is possible, the presence of a current loan in the bank will be taken into account when evaluating the application.