Фото - Обучение

We offer beginners and current entrepreneurs to undergo free training. Training is conducted by certified trainers, using modern techniques and materials developed in accordance with international standards. Trainings are held in the format of interactive mini-lectures, individual exercises, business games, tasks in mini-groups, analysis of real situations, case studies. After passing the training, the results of the participants are entered in the profile and are taken into account in the future when evaluating their business projects.

Basics of entrepreneurial activity and choice of ideas for creating a business

As part of the training, participants will be given the opportunity to review and receive answers to the following questions:

  • what is a business idea and how to choose it correctly;
  • sources of the emergence of business ideas and typical mistakes in finding a business idea;
  • criteria for selecting a business idea;
  • approaches to the evaluation of business ideas, SWOT-analysis of business ideas.

Basics of business planning

The main goal of the training is to develop practical skills for participants in preparing a business plan, in particular, to study the methods for preparing marketing, production, organizational and financial sections of business plans. Based on the results of the training, participants will be able to fill out the template of the business plan of the Fund, which is included in the package of documents necessary for obtaining funding.

Fundamentals of enterprise financial management

The training will help to solve practical problems:

  • form a systemic view of the financial side of the enterprise;
  • to introduce with the basic concepts, principles and methods of financial accounting and analysis;
  • to analyze the company's reporting with the purpose of formulating primary conclusions about the quality of its activities;
  • link all financial indicators and management decisions to a single system;