Terms and conditions

This Agreement is signed by and between Limited Liability Company Zayed Fund (hereinafter referred to as Zayed Fund) and a User (together hereinafter referred to as the Parties) of the official site of Zayed Fund (www.zayedfund.com - hereinafter referred to as the Site).

General Provisions

  1. Zayed Fund shall ensure the functioning of the Site in order to satisfy Users’ needs in any information about Zayed Fund. All and any information and materials displayed on the Site and sections thereof shall be solely for reference and information purposes. Zayed Fund shall allow Users to visit the Site, copy and download information, documents and files (hereinafter referred to as the Site Materials) displayed by Zayed Fund on the Site for personal use, without granting any rights to commercial use of the Site Materials or their derivatives, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. All information on the Site, including but not limited to graphics, text and links to other sites, is provided "as is" and is subject to change without prior notice. Such information is provided, to the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, without warranty of any kind express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement and freedom from computer viruses or similar disabling devices.
  3. The trademarks, service marks and logos ("marks") appearing on the Site is the property of Zayed Fund. Users are prohibited from using any of the marks without the prior written consent of Zayed Fund.
  4. By visiting the Site/using the Site Materials the User shall confirm acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Agreement without exemptions and restrictions.
  5. Unless specifically stipulated otherwise, conclusions, interpretations and opinions contained in the Site Materials shall express their authors’ points of view and shall not be binding upon Zayed Fund.

Limitation of Liability

  1. While Zayed Fund uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on the Site, errors or omissions sometimes occur. Zayed Fund expressly disclaims any liability, whether in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of the Site whether or not Zayed Fund was aware of the possibility of such damages.
  2. All and any risks arising during the use of the Site shall be borne by the User. Zayed Fund shall under no circumstances be liable for any losses whatsoever incurred by the User, including in cases when Zayed Fund was aware of possible losses.
  3. The risk of negative consequences of using recommendations, opinions and assertions displayed on the Site shall be fully borne by the User. Zayed Fund shall not guarantee and shall not confirm the accuracy and reliability of recommendations, opinions and assertions displayed on the Site.
  4. Zayed Fund and their affiliated persons and officers shall not be liable for any errors, inconsistencies, losses of time, disturbances in the equipment and communications lines, penetration of computer viruses, loss of and changes in data, defects in software functioning that result for whatever reasons from the use of the Site.
  5. None of the provisions of the Site shall be deemed or construed as:
    • recommendations for legal entities and individuals as regards disposal of property (property rights);
    • an offer for purchase and sale of property (property rights).
    • a public offer as per Paragraph 2, Article 437 of the R.F. Civil Code (unless otherwise expressly specified in the information displayed on the Site).

Changes and Additions

  1. Zayed Fund shall reserve the right to, acting at its discretion and without any prior notification and/or reasoning:
    • change, correct, restrict, suspend and terminate the functioning of the Site and any of its sections (Materials);
    • deny any User access to the Site and/or any section thereof.
  2. Satisfaction/consideration of the User’s needs during the use of the Site shall not be the obligation of Zayed Fund.

User’s Statement

The User has been specifically informed and hereby confirms that:

  1. Zayed Fund shall not be responsible for any actions of any User;
  2. The User shall be allowed to use the Site given that the User takes all reasonable effort to prevent possible losses, debts and expenses (including judicial ones), direct or indirect, that may arise with Zayed Fund if the User infringes this Agreement;
  3. All and any rights to the results of intellectual activity contained in the Site Materials, as well as rights to the data displayed in the Site sections shall belong to Zayed Fund unless otherwise stipulated by law or a contract;
  4. The User shall not change or attempt to change features of the Site and/or contents of the Site Materials.

Internet Links

  1. The Site may contain links to other Internet sites. Said other sites shall not be under control of Zayed Fund and Zayed Fund shall not be responsible for data and/or contents of sites, links to which are displayed by such other sites. Links to other sites shall be displayed on the Site solely for the User’s convenience and shall not imply that Zayed Fund and its officers approve of their contents.
  2. Other Internet sites may contain links to the Site without any special permit of Zayed Fund. Said links shall expressly refer to Zayed Fund as the original source of information displayed on the Site and shall allow access to the Site without any option for changing the Site Materials and/or any other Site features.


The Site may contain sections for voting, announcements, on-line discussions (chats), as well as other message sections or communication means (hereinafter together referred to as Forums). Forums shall be used solely for sending and receiving messages and materials in accordance with the subject and characteristics of the given Forum. Users undertake not to perform acts that may result in the infringement of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, in particular:

  1. spread false information; insult groups of persons, individuals or legal entities; threaten or otherwise infringe rights and interests of other persons; otherwise infringe generally accepted social conventions;
  2. publish, place in the form of announcements or otherwise spread damaging, unreliable, obscene and unlawful information and materials with respect to any person;
  3. download or attach files containing materials and/or data protected by law as regards copyright and rights to results of intellectual activity, except in cases when the User is appropriately authorised;
  4. download or attach files containing computer viruses, distorted or damaged files, as well as any other files and programmes that may disturb, including in case of inaccurate use, computer functioning;
  5. destroy data referring to the authorship, right possession, and marking data contained in the Site Materials;
  6. advertise or offer for sale any goods or services, initiate unreasoned disputes or otherwise use the Forum for any purposes but intended ones;
  7. copy/download materials placed by other Users, which are known and/or, based on reasonable assumptions, are supposed to be known as prohibited for dissemination.
  8. Users have been informed and hereby agree that Forums are intended for public and not for private communication. Users have also been informed and hereby agree that all materials placed by Users in Forums shall not be supported, confirmed, checked or evaluated by Zayed Fund.
  9. Users hereby agree that Zayed Fund shall not be obligated to monitor results of the use of Forums and that Forums shall be used based on instructions/regulations adopted by Zayed Fund at any time and at its discretion without prior notification.
  10. Zayed Fund shall reserve the right to edit any materials placed in Forums without permission or notification of Users.

Power Restrictions

If any of the provisions of this Agreement is recognized by competent bodies/officials to be void, unlawful and inapplicable, this shall not entail inapplicability of the other provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement shall be valid in full to the extent stipulated by effective law. Zayed Fund shall reserve the right to replace provisions recognized to be inapplicable with other provisions compliant with requirements of law effective at the time of replacement.

Alterations and Amendments

Alterations and amendments to this Agreement shall be legally valid given that they are executed in writing and signed on behalf of Zayed Fund by a duly authorized representative.

Final and entire Agreement

  1. This Agreement shall be the final and entire document regulating relationships of the Parties as regards the subject of this Agreement, and shall supersede all previous written and/or oral arrangements made by the Parties in this respect.
  2. The User hereby confirms that no conditions agreed upon by the Parties have been left beyond the scope of this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement has been executed in the Russian and English languages. In case of conflict between the Russian and the English texts the Russian version shall prevail.

User’s Disagreement

If the User disagrees with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the User shall immediately stop using the Site and/or sections thereof.

Applicable Law

Relationships stipulated by this Agreement shall be governed by Russian law.