Islamic leasing (installment plan)

Contract The product "Islamic leasing (installment plan)" is presented in the form of a contract of sale in installments, developed in view of the Shariah requirements for the Murabaha transaction (the sale of goods at a price equal to the price acquisitions plus a certain agreed mark-up).
Purpose of financing Acquisition of commercial real estate, equipment and vehicles, inventory;
Loan amount up to 6 million rubles
Period of financing up to 4 years
Extra charge From 7%
Loan currency Rubles of the Russian Federation
Commission for the loan None
Commission for early repayment of a loan None
Security deposit Up to 15%
Grace period (postponement of principal and interest)

up to 12 months from the date of loan product:

  • not more than 3 months - with a financing of up to 12 months inclusive,
  • not more than 6 months - with a financing period of 13-24 months inclusive,
  • not more than 9 months - with a financing period of 25-36 months,
  • no more than 12 months - with a financing period of more than 36 months.

A flexible approach to securing a loan. Virtually any property can serve as a security, owned by a potential mortgagor on the right of ownership. Possible types of collateral for obtaining a loan:

  • means of transport;
  • equipment;
  • commodity-material values;
  • real estate objects;
  • share of the enterprise;
  • bail of business owners;
  • Guarantees of Small Business Support Funds;
  • agricultural animals;
  • bank guarantees.
Insurance The collateral is subject to compulsory insurance.
Penalty for late payment of a loan to repay a loan or interest

Deffered payment (Leasing) Download sample

Loan granting procedure It is transferred to the enterprise account in the framework of a non-revolving credit line with a delivery limit established by the framework contract.
Loan repayment procedure According to the schedule, taking into account the client's business plan.

The final terms of financing are set individually and depend on the financial state of the entrepreneur, its credit history, the period and amount of financing, as well as the collateral provided. Detailed information about products of the Fund's financing, terms and documents necessary for obtaining financing, you can get at the Fund's office.